Iron Maiden in love with Vivaldi


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Daniel Sepec . violin and conduction
Bernie Mallinger . arrangements (order of the SKO)


Antonio Vivaldi . Violin Concerto E minor RV 278 (1st movement)

Iron Maiden . "Murders/Wrathchild"

Antonio Vivaldi . Concerto ripieno d minor RV 128

Iron Maiden . "Fear of the dark"

Antonio Vivaldi . "The four seasons - Winter"

Antonio Vivaldi . "La Follia" for 2 solo violins and basso continuo in D minor RV 63

Iron Maiden . "Phantom of the opera"

Antonio Vivaldi . "The four seasons - Summer"

Iron Maiden . "Can I play with madness"


17 strings + harpsichord

Lustfully punchy: there are couples you have to love, even if the age difference is disturbing. The main thing is that they have common themes, as in "Can I Play With Madness" and "La Follia." Eddie the Head's eyes are already starting to sparkle ... Watch out!


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