Bach's secret



Henning Möller . Bach researcher
Jonas Urbat . Electronics
Joosten Elleé . Concertmaster


Johann Sebastian Bach
Contrapunctus 1 to 4 from "The Art of Fugue

Jonas Urbat
Electro-compositions and improvisation

Henning Möller
Lecture about higher mathematics in Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach
Chaconne from the Partita No. 2 in D minor for solo violin BWV 1004
(arrangement for string orchestra; performance with the underlying chorales sung simultaneously)


17 strings + harpsichord + soloist + speaker

It is no secret that Bach's knowledge reached the highest level of mathematics of his time, and he applied the knowledge to his music. In an enjoyable, well-founded (and understandable even to mere mortals) manner, Bach researcher Henning Möller sets out on the trail of the Baroque master's ingenious mathematical mind games and number-alphabetic riddles. And don't worry, your audience won't have to solve a math test after the concert ...


We offer this programme on request.

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