Beethoven with Schmid and Breinschmid


© Friese


Benjamin Schmid . Violin and conduction


Rodolphe Kreutzer
Etude No. 13 Solo arranged by Benjamin Schmid

"Kreutzer Sonata" after Ludwig van Beethoven in the version for solo violin and strings by Christoph Ehrenfellner

Georg Breinschmid
String quartett "Classical Brein" edited for string orchestra


17 Strings

In the first half, we devote ourselves to a jazzy version of the hellishly difficult Kreutzer Sonata with our artistic partner Benjamin Schmid, only to continue in exactly the same way with Classical Brein - then with the bonus ingredients of Viennese Schmäh, Lust am Abgrund and jazz fioriture.


We offer this programme from January 25 – 28, 2025.
If you would like a different date, please contact us.

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