Up to the limit


© Kaupo Kikkas


Antje Weithaas . violin and direction


Felix Mendelssohn
String quartet No. 6 F Minor op. 80

Mieczysław Weinberg
Concertino for violin and strings op. 42

Ludwig van Beethoven
String quartet No. 14 Streichquartett Nr. 14 C sharp minor op. 131


17 strings

Compositions that were written at particular biographical points: Mendelssohn processed the death of his sister. Weinberg sought a "beautiful sound" in his tonal language after expulsion and Soviet coercion. Beethoven achieved "the dance of the world itself" (Richard Wagner) in the rare key of C-sharp minor about a year before his death.


We offer this programme from July 7 – 8, 2025.
If you would prefer a different date, please contact us.

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