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Dr. Josef M. Gaßner (Astronomer, known from his program with Harald Lesch on ZDF and BR) . Lecture
Thomas Zehetmair . Conductor
Stuttgarter Kammerorchester


Arvo Pärt
Trisagion in the version for string orchestra

John Adams
"Shaker Loops" in the version for string orchestra


17 strings + speaker

String theory is only a theory, but it is valid until it is disproved. If our world really consists of the oscillations of the smallest building blocks, if it always depends on the kind and the relation of these oscillations like the sounding strings of an instrument, then one could say: the basis of everything is music. Known among other things by the Youtube science series "Big Bang - Universe - Life", the theoretical astrophysicist Josef Martin Gaßner illuminates in an ingeniously simple way what the fascinating thing about the string theory is and whether this concert at the end does not even provide the final proof of the theorem: In the beginning was the sound!


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