About the SKOhr-Labor

Artistic demands, diversity and enjoyment of playing are the basic features of our music education program "SKOhr-Labor", which is aimed at all ages with different formats. Sharing the treasures of music with all people, regardless of their cultural and social background, is the core of our work. The intensity and temporal extension of the projects is variable, as are the interdisciplinary encounters with other arts such as dance, painting, film, puppet play, language and much more. You can find us in all types of schools, in kindergartens, in the prison, in multi-generational houses, in the most diverse Stuttgart districts, throughout Baden-Württemberg and on trips in India or Nepal…

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Current projects

Himmel über Adelsheim – eine Knastoper

Die Knastoper Himmel über Adelsheim vereint auf der Bühne, was auf den zweiten Blick zwangsläufig zusammengehört: Straffällig gewordene Jugendliche, den Spitzen-Rapper Afrob und das Stuttgarter Kammerorchester.

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Seit 2015 verbindet das SKO eine enge Partnerschaft mit dem Jungen Streichorchester Weil im Schönbuch.

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